GREENER  FASTER  SAFER meets the following criteria of UN sustainable development goals:

10 times less emissions during transportation

No need to transport finished pipes from the manufacturer to the construction site

Pipes can be produced continuously at the site

Sustainable cities and communities

Industry, innovation and infrastructure


General decrease in production operations saves considerable time and resources in laying the pipelines

Decent work and economic growth


Continuous production of pipe without joining of individual elements

The risk of leaks and pipeline ruptures is mitigated

Sustainable cities and communities

Increase in use of recycled polymers

Due to protective covers on internal/external pipe walls we can use more recycled polymers without sacrificing quality of the final product (responsible consumption and production)

Increase in energy efficiency during production

Climate action


We encourage our Local Partners to support our sustainable development goals



We eliminate the need for delivery

of each single 6-12 meters long pipe!

No need for costly pipe joining works!